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Our sustainability efforts focus on fuel and energy.  Let us help your company.  We specialize in waste management getting your company to zero waste.  We are also a trucking company that focuses on drayage,  containers to the Ports of Oakland and Long Beach.  

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Welcome To A Zero Waste Recycling Company

At A&J waste solutions we take your trash that would otherwise not be able to be recycled and divert it into reusable materials. Instead of diverting your trash to a traditional landfill, we at A&J Waste have developed many avenues to repurpose your waste! While many other traditional recycling companies only recycle your Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, and Metal, we can work on solutions for your company’s waste. It is our goal to provide you and your company with the best service and product that waste can by! We look forward to being your recycling partner, to reduce your footprint while expanding your possibilities as a company.

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