We have found a solution for practically everything. You name the material, we have been able to recycle it.

The most traditional means of recycling are broken up into four categories: Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, and Metal. However, as we stated above we can do so much more than that. Below are only a few examples of hundreds of material what we will take off your hands and recycle. If you are still hesitant that we are unable to recycle and repurpose your waste, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions about our material.

Glass: Glass is difficult to get rid of, however, we have mastered a way to reuse your broken or fully structured bottles and glass. Melting them into party trays, tables, and practically anything you need for glass. An example is recycled bottles that we repurpose for the use of centerpieces, soap, lotion, chandelier, lights, bookends just great for any re-purposing projects.

Layflat: Is one of the most difficult products to recycle as it is compiled of Rubber, poly and nylon fibers that are woven and blended together that refuses to decompose. However, we figured a way to make bags, purses, shoes, wallets, jewelry, and belts out of this “trash”.

Wood: We take all types of wood all day long, damaged, destroyed, together, you name it we take it and remake into furniture or we donate it. That’s right! A good amount of the wood we take from companies, we repurpose then donate to schools and non-profit organizations that need it

PVC: With Recycled PVC- we discovered a way to make flip-flops. That’s right. Comfortable, cute all recycled flip flops, with the sole being 100% recycled PVC.

Rubber: An example of what we have done with the rubber is from mass irrigation hoses that are dropped off at our site. We repulsed them and made them into belts! Made from similar material as a decommissioned firehose, but Lay flat Irrigation Hoses. The material was used in the fields of California to get water to crops.

Cardboard: Recycling Cardboard is easy! And we take it all as it is “used to make chipboard like cereal boxes, paperboard, paper towels, tissues, and printing or writing paper. It's also made into more corrugated cardboard.”

Sheet waste: Are large pieces of metal about 5-6 feet in length that we take and repurpose for the use of rebuilding of barns, fences, roofs, anything one would want for large pieces of metal.

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