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Husband and wife Joshua and Heather Carpenter founded A&J Industrial in 2007. A&J Industrial started off out of their home specializing in brokering recyclable Commodities. Within a few months of operating, the company quickly grew and added three more employees. A&J was one of the first companies to see the recycled value of plastic in the Ag industry. The business model was simple; buy full truckloads of recyclable commodities such as cardboard, drip tape, drip tube, as well as other material that was already processed at the supplier's location. The full truckloads would then be sold to a paper or plastic mill. Another service that is provided is setting up the logistics involving transportation from the supplier to the customer.

Our team at A&J is working on our client’s behalf is Heather Carpenter, Jeremiah Carpenter

Heather Carpenter

Heather Carpenter is one of the founders and partner of A&J Waste Solutions. Mrs. Carpenter has a bachelor degree in business. She has worked in the Recycling / Waste industry for the past 13 years. She has held outside sales positions with Waste Management and recycling companies.

Heather has helped her clients by making their waste stream more efficient. Her experience with recycling began in 2005. Heather has experience in the recycling industry includes plastic identification, factory management, and developing recycling contracts.

In 2007 Heather’s husband Joshua and she founded A&J Industrial in central California, which started out as a brokerage company that specialized in agricultural and manufacturing recycling.

In 2014 Heather and Joshua founded Landfill Dzine in central California. Landfill Dzine diverts used lay flat irrigation hose from landfills and turns it to fashionable products. 

Jeremiah Carpenter

Jeremiah Carpenter joined A&J Industrial in 2007, during the first 2 years he built and oversaw the logistics department. In 2010 he took on the responsibility for operations and plant management for Dockery Recycling. He has been with both companies from the beginning and has truly learned all aspects of the business and will be an essential player in the expansion and future growth of the company.

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