Trans Docking, Transload and Crossdock

Recycling, Trash, and Zero Waste Programs 


Shifted loads, broken bales, overweight, just plain a mess of a trailer we can fix that! We rework your loaded freight as necessary, so your truck in road ready.

We are experienced and make sure that your load will not shift again. We want to help you meet your transportation and storage needs any way that we can. Only companies who know trucking can understand your warehouse needs as well. Of course, we are happy to provide both services to you in addition to correcting load-shifting problems and any other cargo concerns that you have. 

Our Services

A & J Solutions is a freight broker, freight forwarder and licensed bonded trucking company. We provide intermodal drayage for the Ports of Oakland and Long Beach. We also service the surrounding rails.

We transport Dry and Reefer containers between the ports, rails, door and shipper throughout California.  

A & J web-based technology offers visibility, communication, and tracking in real time. We are committed, you will always know where your freight is located.  

Years of Experience
Locally Owned & Operated

A & J is the power for the supply chain.   We strive to reduce by incorporating both trans docking and cross-dock services.  Our multi-level services both include handling the product, storage, and delivery of the outbound shipment.   

With more companies setting up manufacturing and suppliers abroad, export ocean containers have increased. Our transloading services maximize every cargo container we deliver to the Port of Oakland and Long Beach.   

Shifted Loads, Over Weight Loads

Licensed, Bonded & Insured​
Same Day Service
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We understand recycling is important, that is why we focus on their business.  Every business recycling goals is a little different, so we tailor programs around your needs. 

Is your company sustainable? Let us help you utilize your waste stream with inspection of all waste streams. With our structured waste stream optimization training, diversion and education to employees.  We will get your company zero waste certified!