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A&J is changing the typical relationship between recyclers and their customers.  We look at the recycling and waste stream for our clients with a different perspective. Instead of buying recycled commodities for a captured mill or end user we are representing our customers in the recycling marketplace.  By doing this we open up our clients to the best price and terms available in the market.  We use all of our knowledge and experience in the field to get the highest price on the market as well as competitive logistic pricing for our clients, while simultaneously making their waste stream and recycled programs more efficient.  By doing this we act as a representative for our clients or a broker hired by our clients to achieve the highest price and the best payment terms. We will analyze the current waste steam set up and make recommendations that can save our clients’ money. Using this approach, we are aligning our interests with our clients.

Our clients would like to focus on their business; they do not want to be bothered by all of the recyclers with their current sales pitch. A&J will field all of the calls and solicitations for our clients regarding recycling and waste. By doing this we free up our client’s time to focus on the success of their business.  A&J will effectively facilitate the recycling and waste stream operation; we will be able to get the most competitive bid on our behalf of our clients.  Our compensation is not hidden in the price we buy the load from our customers. Instead we are compensation a fair % on the gross amount of sales for recycled material we help broker for our clients. By doing this it helps to ensure that our clients will always get the highest price.  By using this new compensation structure, we are not hiding our compensation from our client.  The old way of doing things the recycler will always hid their compensation per load from the customer.

Our approach gives our clients all of A&J resources and knowledge to best serve their needs. We have extensive knowledge in the recycling marketplace bringing our marketing, logistics and waste management team as our client’s resource. On our client’s behalf, we are able to provide a level of service that currently exceeds the current model of recyclers and their clients.

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